Simulation & Design

Employing simulation software has given Melling Engineered Aluminum Castings the ability to ensure casting quality, troubleshoot casting issues, design effective tooling, design experiments, and increase the caliber of the castings it produces before cutting tooling. The application of simulation results in decreased sampling and lead time for job launch and reduced costs to you.

Three Part Simulation Approach:

Filling study:

  • The filling study gives our engineers tools to ensure complete fill of the cavity while accounting for thin and thick sections of the casting. We can optimize the metal temperature to produce the optimal fill of the casting and design gating to provide a non-turbulant fill.

Solidification study:

  • The solidification study aids our engineers in identifying, mitigating and accommodating isolated heavy sections in the casting design. The solidification study also ensures directional solidification to minimize porosity and shrink while maximizing the gating yield

Design feedback, input, recommendations:

  • Based on the results of the simulations our engineers can work directly with your manufacturing group to ensure both castability and manufacturability while minimizing your costs.


  • Collaborating with your design and manufacturing departments we work to optimize all facets of manufacturability to ensure delivery of a quality casting.
  • Analysis of each step in the production from core make, molding, pouring, finishing, material handling, and shipping has allowed us to identify and eliminate potential defects or issues before production resulting in shorter lead times for job launch.
  • The APQP impact on our internal processes has filtered out non-optimal tooling design practices and reduced material handling and finishing defects. Furthermore, identifying key issues up front has led to reduced end costs and lead times to you.

File Types

File Types accepted:


Solid Edge (.par)

.Parasolids (.x_t)





Utilizing simulation software, design capabilities, robust APQP processes, and industrial engineering has given ACF the edge needed to produce your complex castings.